MaiGroup feat. Greg Leisz

And finally… the beating heart of me and MaiGroup’s upcoming album is …. Greg Leisz. Not only has he inspired me to write all the songs but he is also my co-producer, my most trusted companion and my biggest supporter. He literally sat under the piano while I was writing the songs and I would ask his opinion in everything I did. He played on 3 songs on “Metamorphosis” including the title track which we also wrote together. The amount of beauty that this man has brought into the world through his music is beyond admirable… but more than anything I am so grateful that even though we missed so many years in each other’s lives due to things that are beyond our control - we finally found each other and we are committed to this love we share…. And this is the love you will hear on MaiGroup’s album “Metamorphosis” due to be released on April 23. - Mai Leisz