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MaiGroup - Metamorphosis - album of the week!


Estonia: MaiGroup’s new album Metamorhosis is the album of the week in Eesti Ekspress. Read the beautiful review by Priit Hõbemägi HERE.

“Metamorphosis symbolizes my growth as a musician and as a person”, Mai Leisz, bassplayer and composer who is originally from Saaremaa, Estonia, wrote in the booklet of her new album “Metamorphosis”. Mai who has studied music in Estonia and Sweden, recorded her new album in USA, flying her Swedish co-musicians over to Los Angeles. Mai’s music is narrative, even literary and it is also supported by song titles which usually bring a certain shape and mood before one’s eyes. Everyone in the band is a virtuoso on their instrument and Mai’s dialogue with each member is very enjoyable. Her bass tone is smooth, yet demanding and self-defining through the entire album.

There are several world famous stars featured on the album, for example David Crosby on “Here It’s Almost Sunset” (which is a new version of a song that Mai and David co-wrote together, released on David Crosby’s “Sky Trails” album in 2017); saxophone player Charles Lloyd on “Three Nights” and guitarist Bill Frisell on “Gregory”. Their performances all shine but they blend perfectly with the group of young Estonian-Swedish musicians. The listener can perceive clarity, purity and sorrow in Mai’s music. It’s filled with nature and pure emotion. Several pieces have a connection with butterflies and in the music one can even detect the fluttering rhythm of the butterfly wings as they fly in the currents of the air.

Mai Leisz’s album Metamorphosis is undoubtedly a new level in her music where jazz superstars support her musical ideas, enriching it with their own experiences and helping her songs to reach even loftier heights.

MaiGroup-Metamorphosis - out now!

Bassist Mai Leisz has been keeping busy for the past few years playing with David Crosby in his Sky Trails band. Prior to her incredible journey to the U.S. she was releasing music with her own band, MaiGroup. Now she’s culminated her recent experiences into a new album, aptly entitled Metamorphosis. 

The album features Leisz on fretted and fretless basses, spending equal time between foundational grooves and sublime melodicism. Three special guests make appearances including David Crosby, guitarist Bill Frisell, and saxophonist Charles Lloyd. Mai’s husband, co-producer and multi-instrumentalist Greg Leisz, also appears on three tracks, adding to the album’s personal touch.

Track list:

  1. Monarch

  2. Jackson’s Front Yard

  3. Palos Verdes Blue

  4. Here It’s Almost Sunset (feat. David Crosby)

  5. Gregory (feat. Bill Frisell)

  6. Three Nights (feat. Charles Lloyd)

  7. Planted, Not Buried

  8. Metamorphosis

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MaiGroup feat. Charles Lloyd

Third guest on “Metamorphosis” is a person who could be considered a symbol of freedom in Estonia - the living legend - maestro Charles Lloyd.

He played on a lovesong, called “Three Nights” with the kind of tenderness that brought tears to our eyes while listening to him play. - Mai Leisz

Photo by Dorothy Darr

Photo by Dorothy Darr