MaiGroup-Metamorphosis - out now!

Bassist Mai Leisz has been keeping busy for the past few years playing with David Crosby in his Sky Trails band. Prior to her incredible journey to the U.S. she was releasing music with her own band, MaiGroup. Now she’s culminated her recent experiences into a new album, aptly entitled Metamorphosis. 

The album features Leisz on fretted and fretless basses, spending equal time between foundational grooves and sublime melodicism. Three special guests make appearances including David Crosby, guitarist Bill Frisell, and saxophonist Charles Lloyd. Mai’s husband, co-producer and multi-instrumentalist Greg Leisz, also appears on three tracks, adding to the album’s personal touch.

Track list:

  1. Monarch

  2. Jackson’s Front Yard

  3. Palos Verdes Blue

  4. Here It’s Almost Sunset (feat. David Crosby)

  5. Gregory (feat. Bill Frisell)

  6. Three Nights (feat. Charles Lloyd)

  7. Planted, Not Buried

  8. Metamorphosis

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